Fomo Ad Network Review- How To Register As Publisher On Fomo

I am going to review the best ad network after google AdSense to enable you monetize your blog very well without any problem.

This ad network is the best AdSense alternative because it has been tested and we confirmed that is 100% legit.

This ad network this ad network don't pay only for clicks unlike AdSense but they also pay both impression and referral.

Fomo Ad Network Review

Fomo is an ad network that is paying x2 of what google AdSense will pay you. The amazing thing about them is that they don't have threshold before you can get paid. They will pay you even if you have $0.01 on your fomo account. And you have more chances of earning than google AdSense.

How Does Fomo Ad Network Works

The amazing thing about fomo ad network is how they operate. There company works in a way everyone will benefit from it, both novice and the gurus 

Fomo will pay you $2 for 1000 impression but google AdSense won't pay you a dime.

Fomo Ad network will pay you $6-$8 for 1000 page views but google AdSense won't pay you a dime unless you get click.

Fomo will pay you even if you have $0.01 on your account but google AdSense won't pay you until you accumulate not less than $100

Fomo will pay you $10 for each publisher that register through your affiliate link. Below screenshot is what i earned from fomo referral program.

As you can see this  ad network is paying very well and they will top all the ad network in the whole world if they continue this way.

Fomo Payment Method

Currently fomo  has only two payment method which includes -

1. Direct bank transfer

2. PayPal 

Is Fomo Legit Or Scam

I know you might be wondering if This latest ad network is legit or scam.  Well that's what you supposed to ask because even me once asked this type of question not until they paid me $40 for bringing for publishers for them.  See screenshot below

Is it Hard To Get Approval On Fomo?

I know you will be asking your self this question, but don't worry because fomo is not hard like Google AdSense.

Once you register they will approve it immediately. All you have to do is to copy a HTML code to your blog so that they can verify it .

How To Register To Fomo As A Publisher

Now you have gotten all the necessary information you need, the next thing you are entitled to do is to register on fomo and start earning immediately. Follow the below steps and register immediately.

1. Head to

2. Click on "Get Started "

3. Then fill out the form, please don't use fake information.

Click next and a new page will open. Put your site title and your URL.. Note- put it with https or http format.

Boom, you have  successfully registered but your site is not verified yet. Follow  the below steps and verify your blog/site.

1. Click on show me(see screenshot below)

2. Now you will see a HTML code, just copy it and paste on your blog/site and they will verify it immediately.

After completing this simple task then you are ready to to earn. 

Note- don't remove the HTML code on your blog else your earnings might disappear.

How To Refer on Fomo

Now let me teach you how to get your referral link and start referring people to fomo because  that's where the money is.

1. Go to and log in to your dashboard.

2. Click on that gear icon on the right.

3. Click on "account"

4. Click on referral.

You will see your referral link,  use it and refer people . come back the same place and  Check how much you have earn.

Note- don't forget to put your PayPal email because that's what they will use to pay you.


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fomo review was written by okejiri Emmanuel.

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