Latest MTN0.0kB Free Browsing Cheat 2018 (Latest File)

today I will share the latest mtn0.0kB  free browsing cheat for kpn  to enable you browse for free like others are doing.

This mtn0.0kB cheat is what almost all Nigerians are using to surf the internet for free so you are are not left out from this awesome package.

mtn0.0kB cheat for kpn  works on rooted and non rooted phone, so just follow the below steps to activate your own now.

Guys, this is the latest MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat blazing right now via KPN Tunnel Rev VPN app. This cheat is available for Android devices, but can also used on PC with the help of Pdanet or Tethernet apps. I know you guys may still be flexing the mtn cheat , I dropped a while ago. While that may still be on, this is just in case you may be having connection problems.

But the bad news in this mtn0.0k cheat is that it caped at 50-70 on some sim while it caped at 1GB on some sim. But don't hesitate to try.

this post has the latest confi file for kpn free browsing cheat.


Your Android phone or tablet

MTN NG 3G or 4G with 0.0kb Airtime and data balance

Make sure you have the latest KPN Tunnel Rev App which is available for download HERE

Download KPN Tunnel Rev Config File from HERE

Note-( this kpn Conf file will expire on 2/Nov/2018)  but don't worry i keep updating this post with new file.

Use the default MTN APN settings.


> Download KPN Tunnel Rev vpn and the KPN MTN 0.0k Config from the link above 
> After installing KPN Tunnel Rev, launch the VPN app 
> Tap the three dots on a straight line > tap Config options > tap Import and locate the KPN MTN 0.0k file and tap on it to import.
> That's not all. Tap on the three dashed icon and tick the SSH Tunnel box.

Finally, go back and tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser and any app and start browsing in full speed.

How To Use MTM0.0kB free Browsing Cheat On PC
If your Android phone is rooted, then download TetherNet VPN here. After installing the app, grant it root access.

Now, share hotspot from your phone to your PC.

Connect your VPN app

Open TetherNet app and tap on VPNbecause we are using a VPN connection

Tap on Hotspot because we are sharing the connection via Hotspot

Finally, tap on Start Connection

You'll get a popup message "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot"

Now, start browsing in full speed on your PC. It powers the whole PC. You don't need to set any Proxy on any browser. Just leave it at "Automatically Detect Settings".

But if your Android phone is not rooted, then you should make use of Pdanet.

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