How To make Money On Entertainment Blog

My today's tutorial will be on how to make money on entertainment blog or site because it seems the nich is hard to monetise than other niche.

This post is going to be interesting because I have all the necessary information you need, so all you have to do is to continue reading because am going to teach you how to monetise entertainment blog/site .

How to make money with entertainment blog in Nigeria has been questions bloggers ask and it’s very easy,so far you have an entertainment blog,you’re good to go.

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This will require some hard work on your own side a little bit,but since you’re doing it to make some money,who cares anyways?

Let’s face it, to get started,you need some requirements to be successful in this crazy business :

An Entertainment Blog :

This shouldn’t be a problem, you can create a such in 5 minutes. You can create it an and choose any template that suits your style. Or Use WordPress because is the best if you wants to create entertainment site.

A New Facebook Page :

If you already have a Facebook page, then No worries, but if you don’t , you should totally create one today because is very essential.

Google Adsense Account :

I know some people will be disappointed after seeing this requirements as they don’t have it. But this is the recommended ad account you did in this insane business.

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Having said the requirements, let’s see what you should do next.

Step 1

Goto any popular entertainment blog,it might be,Naijaloaded, linderikeji,  etc. Look for a very interesting, worth reading, an eye catchy entertainment story,that when people see the title they won’t spend an extra 3 seconds before clicking the title.

Look for at least 20 interesting entertainments stories from other entertainment blogs and update to your own blog. The one you created recently.

If you’ve done that, I guess we should move to the next step.

Step 2
From your Adsense account,copy the ad codes and paste in your blogger. By going to your dashboard,then layout.

Step 3
Goto your newly or existing facebook and ensure you do the following :
A)Copy at least 10 post url in your blog and update your page one after the other.

B)Be sure to add a very sweet description to each post link you’re updating.

The next step is to boost your post. You don’t have to worry if facebook will accept your card.

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Just set Naira as your currency, while checking out, select to pay via PayU. You can use any card with Visa and Mastercard logo and pay for facebook ads. But this best way is to use Getbarter and pay it, use the link below and learn how to do it.

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Now, when you click on boost post via computer, they’ll request you to choose your target location. Just choose UK/US only.

Google adsense pays higher when a person from UK clicks on your ads.

Example : a click from a location Nigeria, wil get you about $0.34,while a click from a location UK can you about $2.
You can choose the ages of 17+ or so and also target boys and girls etc.
You can choose the number of days you want your ad to run depending on your budget.

But I highly recommend you spend at least N10k for 3 days. It will skyrocket your earnings.

Like I said, select any two or more posts on your facebook page and click on boost post.

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Finally,when your entertainment blog is live on facebook ads, whenever someone from UK clicks on your ads, you’ll be paid higher, and with 10,000, your post will reach up to thousands of people. You can be sure of a lot of earnings, because since its an entertainment blog,everyone will love to read it.

Do This often and make money.


This post supposed to come as an eBook but i decided to share the tips for free, so all i want from you is to share and comment.


How to make money on entertainment blog

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