How To Fund PayPal Account In Nigeria (Ultimate Guide)

How to fund paypal account in Nigeria is going to be my area of concentration today.

Recently we discussed on how you can open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria without using vpn which really helped a lot of people to create their own PayPal account in Nigeria.( Read It Below)

How To Create PayPal account In Nigeria

Now i came up with another package which is how to fund PayPal account in Nigeria.

let me no waist much of your time, let me go ahead and teach you how to fund your PayPal account to enable you you do any transaction online .

What Is Paypal Account?

PayPal is an electronic system of payments that’s accepted all around the world. You can order things at online stores in almost every country and pay via PayPal easily and quickly. You can also use it and receive payment online from any website or company.

How To Open PayPal Account In Nigeria

Before you get to know how to fund paypal account in nigeria successfully, do the following:

Visit the official PayPal website through the link below

Go to the “Menu” button (in the top left corner of the website)

Choose “Register” and when there are more options, choose “Private”. In fact, there are two available options here, for private and business accounts, but the business option is unavailable for Nigerians

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Choose to register as a private user to create your own account

Fill out the form that appears in front of you with the respective data and a password that you will need to remember well

Done with the first page, click “Continue” to go over to the next page of the form

Fill the form out with your personal data (make sure it’s absolutely correct and matches all the documents that you have). You will need to enter the address you have rendered when opening your bank account

Flag the box to let them know that you accept the policy of confidentiality and so on

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After all these steps, you will have your account

Note- Nigerian PayPal account has a lot of limitations, e.g you can't receive payment with it, they can even block your account with your fund. So is better you  learn how to create a verified PayPal account that can send and receive payment without using VPN through the link below.

How To Create PayPal Account In Nigeria

Now let me proceed on how to fund PayPal account in Nigeria but before that let me show you how to link your card to your PayPal account.

How To Link Your Card To Your PayPal Account

The connection between your PayPal account and your card is the answer to your question “how to fund my PayPal account in nigeria”. Later, you will know why. Now, let’s see how to connect them properly and make no mistakes in the process.

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Enter your mailbox and find the letter from PayPal, which you have used to register in the system

Open it and click on the “Activate…” link. It will throw you over to your account in a wink of an eye

When you have entered your account, click the “Get Verified” button

Find a “Link a Card” button and click on it

Fill out the form using the data from your MasterCard or Visa. Then, click the “Save” button. After you save the information, you will receive a notification from your card that $1.95 have been withdrawn from your card. This is done to check whether everything is correct and whether you are the owner of the card.

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The funds will be returned to you in several days. You don’t even lose anything in the process. As a result, you will have a code (4 digits) that will be necessary to verify the card. When you have received the code, you will need to re-enter the accounts and choose to verify your card. Enter the code and continue.

That's all in creating and verifying PayPal account in Nigeria, let's move on how to fund PayPal account in Nigeria.

How To Fund PayPal Account In Nigeria

Now, we have come to the point. The point is that you don’t need to worry about funding your account. As soon as you are using it as a private user, you cannot receive anything on your account. You are not selling goods or so, this is why your account works only for payments.

All this means that when you are going to purchase something on the Internet, you will pay from the account behind the linked Master or Visa card. That’s all. The rest depends on the type of the account you have and the rules your bank has for such things.

While Nigerians are still not allowed to sell anything via their PayPal accounts, you are free to deal with any retailer all around the world. There’s hope that all the limitations will soon be canceled and people in Nigeria will enjoy all the possibilities of PayPal account.

2. How To Fund PayPal Account In Nigeria Using Bank Account

That’s practically the same with what’s been just said above. When you have enough funds on your bank account, you have the same amount to your disposal on your PayPal account. However, there are some regulations and restrictions here, too.

Not all banks in Nigeria agree to work with PayPal. This is, for example, GTBank, which has completely forbidden working with both Naira Master and Visa cards issued by this bank. Access Bank still has relationships with PayPal and purchasing through their Naira cards on Paypal is still allowed.

In accordance with a direction issued from the Central Bank of Nigeria, you are not allowed to spend more than $100 per month using the Visa card. In case you want (or need) to spend more on your online purchases that are executed through PayPal, you have only one way out. This way out is to open a dollar card, no matter whether it’s MasterCard or Visa.

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How to fund PayPal account in Nigeria was written by Okejiri Emmanuel

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