How To Fund Bet9ja Account (Ultimate Guide)

This post is created to teach you how to fund bet9ja account in Nigeria.

There are several ways to fund your bet9ja account and we are going to look into all of them one after the other to enable you chose the one more suitable to you.

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So all you are entitled to do is to continue reading because the post is written in a way you will understand it.

Bet9ja accounts funding is performed by using a customer identification number. So if you use an ATM, online service or make a bank deposit to transfer money, you need to know your own ID. You'll find it in the upper right corner on bet9ja website next to your name. With this information, replenishment will be easy, fast, and effective especially if you use the bank deposit or online money transfer. As for ATM online payment, your account will be funded immediately if you use a Nigerian bank card.

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Let’s carry out a detailed analysis of the 3 methods for depositing money into a bet9ja account.

1. Online transfer

This method is very convenient because you do not have to spend much time and effort. Money can be transferred from anywhere (at home, at work, etc.).

Just find the deposit command and instant transfer button. Click on the bank logo. You can find the instructions for making payments on the bet9ja website banking platform. If you follow all the steps correctly, the account will be replenished almost instantly.

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You need to log in to your account first. Enter the information required by the site in the respective fields.

Also, payment transactions can be performed using a mobile phone. To do this, click on 'cashier.'

If you are on a computer, go to the upper right corner and select MY ACCOUNT. A list will appear and you can scroll to 'cashier or deposit'. Click on this option. Then choose a suitable option.

2. How to fund bet9ja account with ATM

You can also use your ATM for this purpose. This option is suitable for most Nigerian bank cards. If you own a MasterCard, Verve, Visa, etc. you are free to go this route.

To start, click on the ATM Card Logo option. Then you need to specify the amount that you would like to transfer and click continue. Follow the ATM instructions until you are asked to approve the operation.
You will have to specify such information as the expiration date of the card, its number (3 digits on the back) and pin. At the end of the transaction, you may be asked to type in a a token. Specify the generated number and click the end button. The money will be credited immediately.

3. Bank deposit

Bank deposit is another option for replenishing your account. Use the paydirect option. It is assumed that you will go to a banking institution and make a payment there. Ask the cashier to give you a paydirect slip. This is needed to fund your account.

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In this case, the word 'bet9ja' is used as the account name. Make sure that you fill this field correctly. Many customers make the mistake of indicating their full name with surname. Another space is provided for this.

In order to get your id number, you need to visit the bet9ja prediction site and find this information on the top right corner. Mobile users should look to the left side of the page. Write down this combination on a paper and use it for financial transactions online or at the bank.

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As you can see, this is quite simple. You can easily manage your money. We hope that this information was useful.

Good luck!

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How to fund bet9ja account is written by Okejiri Emmanuel

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