How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria (Ultimate Guide)

how to convert airtime to cash in nigeria is going to be my area of concentration today.

Many people are still thinking if converting airtime to cash is possible and some don't even believe that is 100% possible.

Well this post get you covered because am going to clear your doubt today  by showing how to convert airtime to money in nigeria  without any single stress.

All you have to do is to cool down and read this post so that you won't miss any line

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Now let me proceed and teach you how to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria but before then, i hope those link above is useful to you?  Of course yes.

Are you one of those guy that is looking for way to convert airtime/credit to cash in Nigeria? 

Well Zoranga is an online platform that has made it possible for people to convert airtime to money in Nigeria without any stress, find out how it works in this article.

Is Zoranga Legit or Scam?

My best response is Yes. Based on experience, I have converted airtime to cash on Zoranga a couple of times, So I can boldly tell you that the site is 100% legit.
My quest to look for a way to convert airtime to cash started the day I tried to transfer 10000 to my brother in Lagos via gtb  but mistakenly dialed *737*10000# which automatically loaded my phone with 10000 Naira airtime, The zeal to convert it to cash came immediately and that was how I came across is an online platform that allows you to receive and send money without visiting a bank branch. The interesting part is that it allows you to load your Zoranga account via airtime transfer, 

The airtime will be converted to money in your Zoranga account, after which you can then decide to convert the airtime to cash into any bank account you wish, it is as simple as that.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

1. Log-on to and Create an Account.

2. Click "Deposit Money", You will be provided with Options to "Deposit via PIN""Zoranga PIN" or "MTN Share n Sell".

3. Select "Deposit via PIN" if you have the PIN for the Airtime or "MTN Share n Sell" if you have already loaded an MTN Recharge card on your MTN line and wish to convert it to cash.

4. If you've selected "MTN Share n Sell", Enter the mobile number that will be sending the Airtime and the amount you will be sending then take note of the MTN line you are instructed to transfer the airtime to.

5. After successfully transferring airtime or entering the Recharge PIN, wait for 5 minutes then refresh the page to reflect your added funds in your Zoranga Account.

6. Now that the deposit has been confirmed, Click "Transfer Money", and enter the bank details you would like to send the money to ...wait for 48 hours to receive the alert.

How to Convert your Airtime Credit to Cash in your Bank

NB: The amount of airtime you transfer or PIN recharge you enter is not the exact amount that will reflect in your Zoranga account due to various service charges that will be deducted. The service charge is 20 Percent of the amount of Airtime you are loading or transferring to your Zoranga account.

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how to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria was written by okejiri Emmanuel

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