Getbarter Review: How To Create Getbarter Account In 3 Steps(Ultimate Guide)

my today's tutorial will be on getbarter reviews , I will teach you how to use getbarter for online transactions in Nigeria .

I have been using this methods to pay some services you can't do with Nigerian card e.g Facebook Ads, Google AdWord etc.

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With this tutorial, you will learn how to pay Facebook Ads in Nigeria with getbarter or other services/products that doesn't accept your card.

I will explain everything one by one so for your own understanding.

What Is Getbarter

It is a site that creates free Visa cards for Nigerians without any limitations. All you need is to fund your account, and they do the rest.
I entered the site to check out things for my self and lo and behold, it was true.
I clicked on the pricing and guess what I saw? It was totally free .

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You don't have to pay before using this awesome tool.

I created my account and in less than an hour, I had a credit card with me, no restrictions, no obligations.
I tested it with Facebook ads and it went through.

Is Getbarter Legit or Scam?

Well, Getbarter is 100℅ legit.
You have nothing to be afraid of because they have been operating for many years now without any issues and they have a lot of registered members now.

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In case you don't know, some top bloggers are using this tool to pay bills online, so don't be afraid.

Getbarter is legit

Requirements Before Using Getbarter?

Like I said earlier, everything is totally free to use, you don't have to pay before using this awesome tool to make payment online.

All you have to do is to fund your account to enable you make payments or buy products online. You can fund your account using your visa, verve or master card.

Pros of Getbarter

- It is free to use 
- It helped me eliminate the fear of excessive spending on my card as i spend only what I want to spend.
- It works every where. 
- I can create as many cards as I want with any name of my choice.
- Their customer care service is super-fast and very friendly.

Cons of GetBarter:

- It doesn't support transactions on Pounds yet.
- Their user interface is kinda confusing for newbies.
- They went through system upgrade sometime last year but they are now back. This is not really a serious issue but i had to include it to clear your doubts.
- Their exchange rate is higher than the normal exchange rate. On 12th April, 2018, their rate was N370 for $1 while the normal exchange rate was N358 for $1.
Is legit?
Yes, it is secured by FlutterWave, a site owned by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji. 

More Review On Getbarter

You can also withdraw your money from it if you don't want to use it for the transaction. In that case, you'll be charged N250 withdrawal fee.
Now, over to you.

How To Create Getbarter Account In Nigeria

Now you have finished reading the reviews, let me go on and teach you how you can create your own account and start using it for your online transactions.

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Follow the below guide and create your account.

Sign up for an account at and register secure your own account and please don't use fake informations.
Activate your account with the confirmation code sent to your email or phone
Go to “dashboard” to check the current exchange rate
Proceed to “wallet”, click “NGN” and fund your barter wallet with any of the available options
fund barter virtal mastercard wallet nigeria
Proceed to “Cards” and click on “+Virtual cards”
create virtual mastercard barter nigeria
Fund your card with the funds in your getbarter wallet and you are good to go.
make international payment online in nigeria with verve cards
Alternatively, you can use the “create new card” link via “dashboard” to generate your barter virtual cards.
getbarter virtual cards

Have you used before?
Have you used it's alternative?
How was their services to you?
Will you recommend it to other people?
Please drop answers in the comment section.

If these post helped you, please do well to share to your friends.


Getbarter review was written by Okejiri Emmanuel

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