Utest Review: Best Survey Site In Nigeria (Out Of Experience)

I  discovered the best survey site in nigeria 2018 , this survey program that am about to review now is absolutely the best (out of experience).

Not only that, i will tutor you on how to make money with an online survey in Nigeria , to enable you earn decent income online.

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I have participated in many survey program in Nigeria and  and international ones and non of them paid me a dime, so earlier this month i just discovered this best paying survey site in Nigeria so i decided to share it with my fans.

After one week of joining this awesome survey site, i have made a lot of money. And the amazing thing about them is that they don't pay in naira, they pay in $.

If you convert any amount you earned from this survey site in naira, you will see that is a very big money. Now let's assume you earned $100  and  currently $1 is N360.  Now let's do  a little calculation. 360x100=36000. He he

To be sincere with you, you can earn up to $100 weekly if you take this survey serious because you have more chances to earn than other survey site in in Nigeria.

What Is Online survey?

To save time and money, many companies are turning to online market research. ... As an incentive for consumers to fill out online surveys, companies offer them rewards. At Web sites like e-Rewards and MySurvey, consumers either earn money or points for each survey they fill out and submit.
So don't get confused, online survey is all about answering questions. And you will be rewarded for each question you complete.

Who Can Participate In Online Survey?

The fact is that nobofy is left out unless you don't want to join the moving train. Once you have a smart phone or laptop and a good internet connection you are 100% good to go.

How Much Can I Earn From Online Survey?

The truth is that i can't tell, Your earnings depends on how you participate in the program. But if you bring out your time and participate in this this best survey site in Nigeria that am about to review eh,  you can earn $50 weekly hehe. Isn't that awesome?

The Best Survey Site In Nigeria

The name of the survey site that is tested and realized that they are trusted is utest.

Utest  is a venture-funded company that tests software and conducts usability feedback research. The company's headquarters are located in Framingham, Massachusetts. It has additional U.S. locations in San Mateo, California and Seattle, Washington.

uTest - The Professional Network for Testers. GET PAID TO SHAPE THE DIGITAL LANDSCAPE. uTest by Applause is the #1 destination for freelance software testing and feedback

Utest Requirements

The only real requirement at uTest is that you’re over 18 years of age. Of course you will need a device to take tests on, this can be a computer, mobile device, or gaming system.

They do not require any experience to join, but people with more experience do get paid higher rates. I was surprised to see on their site that they do hire some testers that make a full-time income, but most people have a full-time job and do this for some extra spending money.

How Much Does uTest Pay?

Everyone is going to be disappointed in me so if you can add to this section please leave a comment below. From what I can find you’ll be paid for each approved bug you find or any feedback that you submit within a given Test Cycle.

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Utest is the best survey site in Nigeria, this company has lasted for years and currently they are partnering with Facebook. This is to tell yii how far they have gone.

The payout for each portion of a test cycle is clearly identified, but each test cycle differs in pay. They say you’ll start with the lower paying tests and slightly work your way up to higher paying tests as your tester score improves over time.

I can’t find any information on how much a typical test pays, but based on screenshots I’d say anywhere from $10-$50+,  but I know that the higher level testers, who do this as a full time job make over $1,000 a month, and some close to $10,000.
uTest does have two options for payments, PayPal or Payoneer, both payment options pay on the 15th and last day of the month.

uTest Application Proccess

If you decided to join uTest there is a simple form that will need to be filled out, this will contain some basic personal information first.After that you’ll pick your testing preferences such as written, video, bug finding, and functionality. Don’t worry they give descriptions for each!

Next you’ll need to submit your skills. This is basically where you tell them what languages you speak and if you have any prior experience usability testing. Next you will register your devices, this can be a computer, laptop, mobile device, and even gaming systems. After you’re done confirm your email address and you’re all set.

I will stop here.


best survey site in Nigeria was written by okejiri Emmanuel.

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