How To Start Online Business In Nigeria (Without Investment)

Are you interested on how to start online business in nigeria and earn decent income every month? If the answer is yes then continue reading this post because i get all you want to establish an online business that pays in nigeria .

The information in this post is drawn from my many years of experience working and earning online. These are the hidden tips behind my success online, the reason you are reading this post at this time. If you are thinking of starting an online business in Nigeria, you need to read this post carefully.

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I will be sharing with you how to start an online business in Nigeria and experience success within your first year of startup. I make a full income from my online business and I want to teach you how you can do the same.
There are many online business models you can set up and make money from. I’m not going to focus on the type of online business to start; I’m going to focus on how you can start any of them that appeals to you.

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The sad truth is that while a lot of people are making a killing online, so many more find it frustratingly difficult to get some good news going. Let’s put that matter to bed once and for all. There’s bound to be something in this post that will transform your online business for the better.
I can’t wait to hear all about it, but first, let’s get this show on the road!

How To Build an Online Business in Nigeria the right way

Starting an online business in Nigeria does not have to be confusing. It can be very constraining and intimidating but if you have the right attitude and the right plan, you will be up and running in no time.

Your progress will largely depend on your determination, hard work, patience, and the ability to do everything at a fast pace since the internet is a hyper-fast environment.

The following tips will help you start and build an online business in Nigeria and achieve success in the shortest possible time.

1. You need to have a business mindset

You can start an online business for the passion or interest. Models like blogging, freelancing, etc work best when you are really interested in what you are doing. That much is given.

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But to succeed in the long term, you need to have a business mindset. Yes, you are working for the passion but you still need to make it a business if you are ever going to make some serious income out of it.
Have the mindset that you are starting a business which you will grow to the stage you desire and that this process will take time.


Of course, you will need to have a business plan for your online business. You will need to know who your target audience is and where you will find them.

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When you find them, you will need to have a plan for getting them to visit your online platform.
When they visit your online platform, you will need to have monetization channels in place so that you can make money from the traffic your online business gets. I have seen many blogs that get tons of traffic but still find it difficult to make money.

Having a business mindset also means you must have entrepreneurial qualities and skills too. This means you must be ready to invest in your online business. Free methods work but you get better results faster when you invest in it.

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It also means you have to be patient with the process until you start getting results, working consistently and persistently all the way without taking the first distraction that presents itself.

2. Pick your online business model

What kind of online business do you have in mind? Do you want to sell products, services, affiliates or a combination of the three?
I would suggest you take your time even if it will take you a month to decide the kind of online business you want to start. Let your decision be based upon your interest and things you know and like.
For example, if you like to write articles, you can start a freelance writing business in Nigeria just like most freelance writers are doing and start making money by helping webmasters create content for their sites.

If you are so passionate about the topic of dating, relationship, you can start up a blog on these subjects and start making money via consultation, sales of your books or e-books, speaking session, etc

Make sure it works
When you pick an online business model, make sure it works in your country. For example, you must have heard of paid surveys but in my experience, they don’t work so well in Nigeria.

 How will you have an opinion about a product in the US when you are in Nigeria? You see the flaw in that thinking?
Many people who have started CPA marketing in Nigeria have also ended in frustration because the results are not so good.
Make sure you will get paid
One area people discover too late has to do with getting paid. Yes, you can set up a business model online and get paid, just make sure you can get your money when you need it.

Nigerian PayPal accounts cannot receive money yet; this is a serious consideration. Think about getting a Payoneer account. It’s free and it helps.
If you are interested in affiliate marketing or dropshipping and others, make sure PayPal is not the only payment method available.

3. To succeed you must learn

One mistake I see so many beginners make is, they only ask for help when they ignorantly stumble into so many roadblocks.
This should not be so. Those roadblocks will cost you so much in lost revenue and productivity, it’s best you avoid them right from the start. Commit to learning before you launch your online business.
Find someone to teach you; pay them well
In all my years of working online, I have never seen any people who shy away from paying for knowledge like Nigerians.

I say this with my tongue in cheek because I know a lot of people who are serious about learning and won’t mind paying for the knowledge. The rest, however, will praise you to heaven and rain down prayers on your life if only you can serve them free of charge. Please!
Before you think of venturing into any online business in Nigeria, you need to first go and create a strong relationship with someone who is already experiencing the kind of success you are striving for.
Ask them to teach you and pay them well to do it. There are no free rides in business. The sooner you realize this, the better you will be for it.

4. Register your Online Business (very important)

I do not mean registering your online business with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC), I mean buying a domain around your online business and hosting it. You have to look for a reliable and trusted web hosting company to buy your domain and hosting from.
Take your time to choose a domain name that anyone can easily spell and remember. Your domain is you brand, so make sure you choose a good domain name for your online business.

5. Have a Marketing Techniques

This is where the success of your business lies. No online business succeeds without a marketing strategy.
How do you intend to promote your online business? Will you leverage on social media or build a list of email subscribers?

You must have a unique marketing strategy in place for your online business. Some online marketers use Facebook ads as their only marketing channel, others use Instagram, and some LinkedIn or Twitter.
Now, let me make this clear so you don’t end up using a marketing channel that does not work with your kind of online business.

That most people use Facebook does not mean you should use it. I know of so many people who use Twitter and WhatsApp groups to promote their online business and are making sales.

Yours can be hosting of free online classes just to get leads which you will later sell your products or services to.

Your marketing strategy depends wholly on your kind of online business. I would recommend that you first study your online business to see which channel is best suited for it.


In conclusion, always learn  new techniques. There is no point of rest in this industry. The more you learn, the more you earn.

When you start making money people will be attracted to you. Some will want your help and this is another making money opportunity.

You can start an online business in Nigeria and become a millionaire. You just have to first believe you can do it and then take action without looking back.

you came here with this question, how to start online business in nigeria or best online business in nigeria that pays ? All of the question is still the same and am happy i answered it well.

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