How To Start Importation Business In Nigeria (Ultimate Guide)

how to start importation business in nigeria is now the trending question on Google, so i decided to be of help today by guiding you on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

Some people still believe that they need to travel on air before they can buy things from abroad. Today am going to show you the easiest way to import goods from outside Nigeria.

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Note- today I will only tutor on how to start small scall importation business in Nigeria . so all you are entitled to do is to cool down and digest this awesome post.

Then after some days, come back with wine and thank me because I know it will work for you and you are going to make a lot of money from this importation business in Nigeria.

i will guide you on how to import mobile phone, laptops, clothes, shoes,bags, etc.

but before i continue in how to start importation business in Nigeria, I will beg you for one thing. Guess what? Your attention.

How To Start Online Business In Nigeria (No Investment)

Because you will definitely make a big mistake if you fail to read and digest this post very well.

Now let me proceed and teach you how to start mini importation business in Nigeria 

How much money do you need to start importation business in Nigeria?

Start with small amount. You don’t need millions for mini importation. Take a small batch of goods and see how they will be sold. In any case, if the product is in demand, you can make a margin from 50 to 100 percent of its purchase price. Don’t risk all means at once.

Just believe us, if there is a desire, then it’s nothing impossible for any human being including starting a business in Nigeria. Look for your niche in small importation, supply Nigerians with good quality goods, and get your deserved profit. We wish you good luck in your business!

Requirements To Start Up A Importation Business in Nigeria?

I know this is the area you wants to hear very well. Hehe

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Well don't be afraid, there is no much requirements before you can get started with mini importation business in Nigeria. Some people still think that importation business in Nigeria is for rich men, which is extremely wrong. With just 5,000 you can start up you own importation business in Nigeria without being under someone.

All you are required to have is 

1. Phone/PC (to order the products)

2. A good internet connection

3. Minimum of 5,000

4. Bank account

5. Correct


As you can see, the requirements is not too much. I am very sure that you reading this have all this that i mentioned above. So let me go straight to the point and teach you how to start importation business in Nigeria.

1. You Must Have An Active Bank Account

As an online importer, you are supposed to have a valid domiciliary bank account to enable order products online or link it to your PayPal account and shop online because you will be making payment in dollars ($). So if you don't have domiciliary bank account, just go to any nearest bank in your area and open a domiciliary bank account.

How To Get GTbank dollar MasterCard

recommended banks for domiciliary bank account

1. GTbank

2. First bank


Note- is not a must that you will have domiciliary bank account before you can start importation business in Nigeria. You can use your master card or use gtbank dollar master card(see how to get GTbank dollar card through the link below)

2. Learn How To Market/promote products

As an intended online importer, you must also put in practice how to market products so that you can be able to sale it and make profit. I will advice you order products you can market, don't order products that is competitive here in Nigeria 

Well am not you, you know your self and you know what you can do. My work here is to guide you on how to start importation business in Nigeria.

2. Specialization

Yes, this is also important in importation business in Nigeria. If you really wants to make huge profit from importation business in Nigeria then I  will advice you specialize on that product you can market/promote. It will also ease you stress.

3. Best Online Store To Order products 

As we all know, they are many online shopping mall in the world and the amazing thing is that not some of the is reliable or legit. There is one online store am using to order goods in US with my PC here in Nigeria. The site is 100℅ trusted and reliable.

The name of the site is

Amazon is an online shopping mall, you can order a lot of product there at very affordable Price. So just visit the website and create an account.

Note- there are many other online shopping site where you can order products and import it here in Nigeria except Amazon e.g eBay.

So is left for you to chose. If you like you cab stiil make research and chose the one you feel is the best.

4. Order products online

is not all about disturbing Google (lol) on how to start importation business in Nigeria, are you ready to take action. Yes  i won't calk it risk because everything here is legit. Don't procrastinate too much my dear, just take action and you will progress.

If you check on amazon, you will see that the price if products is very cheap compared to what business owners are selling in Nigeria.  So you can just buy in bulk or the little you can afford and resell it here in Nigeria and earn huge profit in return.

Many people are doing it and they will continue doing it as far as internet is concern.

So don't hesitate to join the moving train now. Just head to amazon and sign up and Start placing order immediately. No time

5. Pay For The Products

Of course you are not buying the goods for free, but you are buying it at a very low and affordable rate.

After filling your online cart, the next step is to make payment which I know you have in mind even before asking how to start importation business in Nigeria.

You will pay for the goods before taking any other step.

And please be very careful, make sure the site you are buying products have "https". This proves that the site is secured. 

So go ahead and pay with your domiciliary bank account or with your PayPal/payoneer, gtbank dollar card, etc.

How To Apply For GTbank dollar MasterCard

6. How To Import products To Nigeria

Am summarizing, remember our topic" how to start importation business in nigeria".

After placing order on any website of your choice, the next step is to  find a way to import it here in Nigeria and Start marketing it.  Actually there are many  agencies who can ship your products to Nigeria but they won't bring it to your house. But there is a one my friend is using to order goods in UK,US, China etc and they deliver it to his door step within seven (7) days.

The name is  "shoptomydoor" . this people will bring anything you order from China,UK,US etc to your door step.  And the amazing thing is that they don't charge too much.

Note- if you order goods from Amazon and they deliver it to you, check if there is any damage in the product's . if you discover any damage then just return it to them and they will change it for you.

Note- not all website is reversing damaged products, so I will advice you to check the FAQ and privacy policy of any site you wants to buy from.

7. How to avoid fraud on Importation Businesses

A lot of newcomers are afraid to be deceived when buying goods on the Internet. But, in truth, rarely very few faced such a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you buy goods on Alibaba, Aliexpress, or Dhgate, a vendor cannot take money without sending a product. Such type of Internet platform requires providing the suppliers’ ID cards, data about the company's registration. Then each year they make a certain payment for the right to sell on these platforms.

8. How to keep out of problems with quality and quantity

It happens often that supplier sends poor quality goods than you expected. 

In some cases you can get less than ordered.

Be careful when looking for Internet suppliers. It's worthwhile to focus not only on the low price for your good profit in retail. In this case, you risk getting bad quality products. Even if you want to return the goods, the cost of transporting back is high, and most vendors-sellers don’t agree to a refund.

Pay attention to the positive or negative seller’s feedback. Its rating on Internet platform can tell a lot to customers. You should make deals with sellers who have 90 percents of medium positive feedback rating or higher. Before paying money for the goods, do not be lazy to read the comments.

Besides, we recommend you read the descriptions and details of goods. Also, don’t miss vendor’s guarantees and terms of delivery. As a rule, they are placed at the bottom of each product page. Make sure if the goods you’re buying have specifications you’re looking for.

Times, when Chinese goods were only associated with poor quality, have already passed. Many world brands have their factories for manufacturing of high-quality goods in Asia. Try to make deals with companies that have a good reputation. Today the World Wide Web helps to find all the necessary information about the manufacturer.


As it turns out, importing products from abroad to Nigeria is a profitable business indeed. But to be successful you must be clear about why you want to do it, and have a plan of how you will be successful.

There’s a lot more to the importation business than just shipping any old product. To sum it up, here is what I learned from importing goods from abroad to Nigeria, and what I think you should learn as well.

1. Understand why you have decided to import goods from abroad to Nigeria

2. How to select your niche.

3. Identify what goods in your niche are suitable for importing from abroad to Nigeria

4. Learn how to keep up to date on current trends in Nigeria

5. How to select a reliable and consistent supplier

6. Learn how to create a strategy

If you really take on this set of best practices, I think you’ll be destined for success and realise your financial and business potential. Put what you’ve learned in to practice. I’d love to hear how it goes.

I hate procrastination, take action and see the result.


how to start importation business in Nigeria was written by okejiri Emmanuel

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