How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student (A Must Read)

how to make money online in ghana as a student is going to be the area am going to tutor today.

Recently i wrote on how to  start importation business in Ghana which really helped a lot of Ghanians start importing product's from abroad, and and the amazing thing is that I also show them how to start with little capital. You can read it below

To Start Importation Business In Ghana

So i have remembered Ghanaians again with another interesting package which is how to make money online in Ghana as a student. So if you find this topic interesting then continue reading but if is not useful to you then move to another post because I get a lot of interesting content here.

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Like I always say, no way to make money is easy especially when it comes to making money online.

So making money online is for people who can invest, have patient, etc.

Am sorry to say this, am not going to share any illegal tutorial to make money online on this blog.

How To Buy Phone From Julia(simple steps)

So continue reading because am going to share  a legit way to make money online in Ghana as a student.

This blog is legit and trusted so whatever you find inside this blog is legit also because is tested before it get published on this blog.

Enough of this blablabla(lol) let me go straight to the point which is how to make money online in Ghana as a student.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student

1. Freelance

If you’re good at writing, you can consider doing freelance writing for blogs as one way of earning an income as a student. Aside blogs, many businesses are looking for freelance writers to help them meet their writing and content creation needs, so you can take advantage of this and apply for freelance jobs with these businesses.

Should i shock you? Okay, am also a freelancer and I know how much I have made from it. And please don't bother your self if you are not a good writer.

2. Buy And Sell

Buy goods at cheaper prices from wholesalers, upload them on your social media platforms and make an income a daily. Send the links to the products to friends and family to share on their pages to create awareness and boost sales.

You can start with free delivery; ie use the public transport to deliver the goods to your clients after classes or during your off days.

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I hope this post is helpful? Answer the question on the comment box and continue reading because am not done in teaching you how to make money online in Ghana as a student.

3. Taking Tutorials

As a student looking for a source of income, you can organize private lessons for secondary school students on subjects such as Math, English, Physics, Accounting, Economics, Literature, just to mention a few. You may also partner with some of your other colleagues and organize summer coaching for primary and/or secondary students on long break. For the former suggestion, you may need to visit your students at home while the latter will require some space, which you may get within your school campus. This is one of the surest ways to make money as a student in Ghana.

4. Photography And Event Planning

This job is ideal for you if you’ve the right skill and tool for photography and event planning, and are outspoken and social. You can organize social events including fellowship days, social weeks, birthdays, faculty weeks, etc.; and people will pay you for your service. To work as a photographer, a camera and studio for printing hard copies of pictures are needed. Alternatively, you may acquire a personal printer and make extra income from this by helping other photographers print hard copies of their pictures.

5. Blogging

This is related to the afore-mentioned point. As a student, you can make cool money by blogging on niches such as health, tech, fashion, entertainment, sports, cooking and catering, etc. You must write about topics and issues that the public (your audience) will find informative, fascinating and engaging. Also, your content has to be original, devoid of any element of plagiarism.

But how exactly do you make money from blogging? You can get income from your blog through one or more of the following ways: Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, offering people advice on issues related to SEO traffic, freelancing (explained above), and many more.


You can solve your problem of lack of finance, as a student in, by engaging in one of the ways to make money as a student in Ghana in the above-mentioned activities. In your leisure time, during long break, when other students attend social events every now and then to have fun or stay idle after travelling home for holiday; you can use that time to learn a skill. You would be glad you did later on.

how to make money online in Ghana as a student was written by okejiri Emmanuel

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