How To Buy Phone From Jumia (Easiest Steps Ever)

I will teach you the how to buy phone from jumia in Nigeria , a lot of people are making research on how to buy products/stuffs from Jumia in Nigeria so today I decided to be of help by providing an easy guide to shop on jumia.

I will teach you how to shop on jumia toady, so what i need from you now is to cool down and digest this post.

As we all know, digital is taking over, not only in Nigeria but the whole world.

Almost everything we do now is now with our mobile phone or PC.

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I am a very lazy boy and that's the truth, I am always on PC and I hate disturbance.

I don't even have time to go to the nearest market and buy things for myself even though i have the cash with me.

As a lazy boy, I found a way to buy things for my self online and it will be delivered to my door step within 24/48hrs.

And one thing i love and in buying things online is that you will get any thing you want cheaper compared to going to market.

So today I will teach you how to buy phone from jumia.

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Note- you can also this steps am about to share now and buy other product from jumia.

Requirements For Buy Phone From Jumia

Before you think of buying phone from jumia, there are some things you supposed to have in mind to enable you get started.

1. Mobile Phone/Pc

You need to have phone or PC to order the phone from jumia.

2. Good Internet Connection/WiFi

This is another important thing to consider, try and subscribe you phone or use available WiFi. 20 Mb is enough to buy phone from jumia.

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3. Your Desired Phone

You must have a phone which you want to buy, having the phone you wants to buy in mind will help you order it without waisting of time.

4. ATM For Payment

This is another thing that will hinder you from buying phone or any other product from jumia.

Go and get a valid Visa/MasterCard to enable you pay for the phone and get it delivered to your door step or any nearest bus stop around your area.

Advantages Of Buying phone From Jumia

Buying phone from jumia or any other product online has many advantages.

1. Ease Of Stress

2. Delivered To Your Door Step

3. Cheaper Compared To Other Stores

4. You can make huge income as a resellerreseller

5. You can Get any phone of your choice

With This above advantages of Buying phone from jumia, I know you can't wait any longer to patronize this leading online store in Nigeria.
Anything that has advantage also has disadvantage.

Note- I will still come to " how to buy phone from jumia ". So keep reading, am just trying to make everything clear to you.

Disadvantages Of Buying Phone From Jumia

1. Sometimes it take 48-72hrs before they deliver it to you. And this is mainly cause by your location.

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2. Sometimes they won't deliver it to your door step, they will deliver it to any nearest bus stop or post office around your area.

Note- they will call You once they arrive and they won't leave until you take the product you ordered.

Now you have seen the advantages and the disadvantages of Buying phone online  let me continue and teach you how to buy phone from jumia.

How To Buy Phone From Jumia

1. go there official site through the link below

2. Search for your desired phone(the phone you wants to buy) e.g galaxy j2

3. Click on the phone and you will be redirected to a new page. In the new page you will see buy now, click on it

4. After clicking on the buy button, you will see checkout button. Click on it

5. Click on that checkout button and you will be redirected to a place where you will login. If you are not a member yet the register.

6. After registration or successful login, then select your delivery method.

7. Click on next button and you will be redirected to a new page.

8. Now put in your card details and place your order immediately.


how to buy phone from Jumia was written by okejiri Emmanuel

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