Blog9ja Review- How To Register To Blog9ja (fast)

blog9ja review is going to be my area of concentration today, many people do search on Google how to register on blog9ja  , so today i make out time to be of help.

Recently i wrote on nnu income review which helped a lot of people make huge amount of money online.

So today i decided to share another online making money opportunity similar to nnu  which allows you earn up to 30-50 thousand naira  monthly by doing what you love most.

As you all know, i will never share tips to make money online that is not legit. I have tested this blog9ja platform and i realized  that there are 100% trusted.

What Is Blog9ja And How Does It Works? is a premium blogging platform managed by Engineer Blessing Ochonogor  and a host of seasoned team admins with an aim to allow people ,most especially nigerians ,to work and earn money online while been updated with trends ,events and real-time happenings from around nigeria and beyond ! gives you the chance to earn real money for every action that is made on the platform (from signing up and content creation (posting or blogging) to sharing posts and commenting).

 Every activity on the platform pays off. At the end of every week of a month your activities will be turned into money deposited into your bank account. is Powered by Guaranty Gold Multi-services Company Limited, a corporate web and ICT business duly registered with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) – REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2454848

Blog9ja is A major Affiliate Partner of Popular ecommerce websites in nigeria like jumia,konga,parporte etc and generate Revenue from these companies.Blog9ja also sells advertising services. Some of Our products / services include Banner ads, Text ads, Sponsored Links, etc.Advertisers may use these services to advertise their Business/Program /Product to all Users and visitors of our site.We share our profits  from advertising revenue with all active Users every week of the month.

How To Earn On Blog9ja

As a blog9ja member, you have more chances of earning , your earning starts immediately you become a member on this platform. 

1. Comment- as a member of this awesome platform, you will earn N5 for each comment you made on the site and you can comment as much as you can.

2. Reading news-  you will also earn N2 for each post you open on the platform, and you can open as much as you can.

2. Referral registration - you will automatically earn N100 when you register to blog9ja through someone's link, isn't that awesome? He he

3. Straight registration -  you will earn N0 if you did not register through a referral link, so i will advice you register through  a referral link so you can earn N100 as a new member.

4. Referral - as a member of this awesome platform, you will earn 800 for each member that registered through your blog9ja affiliate link.

5. Forum topic - you will earn N20 for each post you made on the blog, and you can post as much as you can.

6. Daily Login - You will earn N50 daily for login in to your blog9ja dashboard

7. Sponsored post - you will earn N100 for each sponsored post you shared on your Facebook timeline.

Blog9ja Rewards

1. When you Refer 50 people to blog9ja you will receive a branded new blog9ja T-shirt and cash price of N2,500

2. When you refer 250 prospects on blog9ja, you will receive a brand new android phone.

3. You be rewarded with HP mink laptop when you refer 500 people to blog9ja

4. You will receive the sum of 150,000 when you refer 1000 to blog9ja income program.

Is Blog9ja Legit Or Scam?

Extremely yes.. Blog9ja platform is trusted.

They have up to 100,000 people who is promoting them and am proudly one of them.

A lot of my friends on Facebook has joined this moving train so don't be left out. Because you can make  a lot of money you from it.

Don't get discouraged because of the little token they charge for registration.

I assure you that you can make that within a day.

who can participate in Blog9ja Program?

Nobody is Left out in this awesome offer, be you a student, business man, online marketer/blogger etc.

All you have to do is to register and start earning immediately.

1.student- if you are a student, you have a great opportunity of earning big in this blog9ja platform.

You can convince your fellow students and register them through your link.

The more you register the more you earn big.

Note- you can still earn big without referral, and you can payout your earnings without referral.

2.blogger-  if you are a blogger or an online marketer, your chances of earning big is uncountable.

You can promote blog9ja on your blog, fan page, online and offline.


Now listen there is no gain without lost,  N1400, cant make you poor for ever, so if you don't or still have a doubting mind on it, maybe you are feeling its a kind of scam stuff, believe me or not i am doing it unlike NNU it paying well.

Don't  be a doubting Thomas, join this moving train now before is full. I will just advice you to register now and start earning immediately.

Can I Payout Without Referral On Blog9ja

Do you know the reason why i so much love this platform?  There are not like nnu income program where you need 2 referral before you can payout.

Blog9ja will pay you your money in full whether you have referral or not.(referral is optional)

So don't panic, just register and Starr earning immediately.

Blog9ja Payment Review

Of course you are not working for free, blog9ja will send you all the money you earn on the platform to your bank account once you request for payment.

The minimum payout is 4.000 thousand naira and payment is weekly.

More Review On Blog9ja

When you register on you will earn money for any activity you engage in on the website which include :
1.Daily login – Blog9ja pays you 50 Naira when you login every 24 hours You earn N50 X 30= N1,500 just for logging daily
2.Sharing A promo to Facebook (Just like this one you reading now)earns you N100. Do this twice in a day and you earn N 200. You earn N100 X 30= N3000 just for tagging friends on facebook
3.Each post/news you read and comment on earns you 5 Naira. Amazing, Right? imagine being able to post 1000 comments with each comment valued at N5.!A whooping N5,000!! Something that can be done within 4 hrs.
4. For every friend you refer you earn N800 instantly . Lets say you refer just 5 friends daily, You can earn N800 X 5=N4000 daily without stress,Multiply it by 30 days of the month and you discover you can be making N 120,000 cool cash from the comfort of your mobile phone
Blog9ja. com pays all her members weekly and the minimum payout is #4,000 naira

Do you want more info? From my above explanation you see that you can be earning passive income just by reading news on Blog9ja and engaging in fun activities. with or without referral you must get paid.

Blog9ja Registration Guide

Now you have read all the necessary information you need, the next step to take is to register and Starr earning immediately. Below is how to register to blog9ja 

Blog9ja has a two different packages



Is a free package which enable prospect to sign up without any fund its absolutely free and any member of this package only earn by daily login which is #50. You can sign up for demo if you don't have any cash with you and you can upgrade letter.

Note- you won't get paid on a demo account, the demo account is for testing. So register and upgrade to premium account and start earning immediately


This is where prospect become a fully member of blog9ja, here you earn by daily login, sharing of posts , comments , referrals and other activities , and it would only cost you a token of #1400 to register for this package .

Register for a premium account through the link below

Register Now


Currently blog9ja only accept payment via direct bank deposit member make payment directly into the official bank account found in their dashboard.
You can make payment to the official bank account via bank deposit, mobile banking app or ATM transfer.


Register Without Referral link

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