how to customize gmail account

I will teach you how to customize gmail account,  the world is developing everyday especially online.

Everybody wants to to do his/her thing the way it pleases him/her.

So today am going to teach you how to customize gmail account the way it pleases you.

I bet most people do not know their Gmail inbox could be customized and made more beautiful, by default your Gmail interface comes with the normal boring white Google background and it wouldn’t hurt if you try to tweak things a little.
For some people looking at a white background for too long is not really good for their eyes; maybe you use your Gmail account very often and you always wanted to change the look of things, the steps listed below will guide you in giving your Gmail account a new look.

How to Customize Your Gmail Account
You do not really need to do much other than changing your theme. Log in to your Gmail account and you see the normal white inbox interface.
Navigate to the settings arrow at the upper right side of your screen, click on it to bring out the sub-menus.
Click on the ‘Themes’ option to bring out the different range of themes
Click on the desired them effect you want and save.
There you go, you’ve just customized your Gmail account the way you want.
What do you think about this feature, did it make your Gmail inbox beautiful or not? Make sure to drop your comments below.

how to customize gmail account written by Okejiri Emmanuel

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