how to create a paypal account in nigeria

how to create a paypal account in Nigerian is now the most trend question on Google among the nigerian internet markers who want to be making payment across Nigeria and as well revive receive payments.

But currently, PayPal is not accepting Nigeria due to some people are using it for frauds.

This issue of not being able to open a PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receive funds has been for some years now, and as it stands now i don't think they will accept Nigeria again

But that is not the end my bro, i have created an ebook that will help you open a PayPal account that sends and receive funds here in Nigeria within some minutes.

I have been using this trick for sometime now, so i have decided to share it today.

And please, don't be a victim of those looking for free way to create a verified paypal account in Nigeria because they will only advice you to use VPN.

And you know what it is? Ban

Paypal will ban your account once they find out you are using VPN to access your account.

But once you get this ebook, it will guide you on how to create a verified paypal account in Nigeria and you will start sending and receiving funds from different countries.

I hope paypal won't ban my account using this your method?

You have nothing to fear for, paypal will only ban your account if you are using VPN or trick to access your account.

This my guide is 100% safe.

How much is the ebook

Am giving this Paypal ebook out for interested people for just 5.000(five thousand naira).

Disclaimer- don't be a kind of person that always seek for free things, because you won't succeed when it comes to paypal creation.

A little prove to show you that i can create PayPal account in Nigeria

which country PayPal

i will not mention the country here, but is not us or UK PayPal account.

So you are not left behind, pay 5,000 now and get the ebook .

Note- after purchasing this ebook, you can recover the money you used to buy it within 1 week.


After reading the guide, you can start creating paypal for people and charge them for it.

My account details

Acc name- Okejiri Emmanuel

Acc number- 0100819075

how will i get the ebook after payment?

There is no much thing here, once you send the money to the above account details,

The next thing is to send me your gmail address so that i can forward the ebook to you immediately, but before then

I will confirm your payment first.

My number- 07065160758


Send me the name you used for payment and as well with the gmail you want to use to receive the ebook.

Send it to that gmail above or meet me on Facebook.

this is the only ebook that will help you create a paypal account in Nigeria.

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