farmcrowdy review: how to make money farming in Nigeria

farmcrowdy review will be my today's tutorial topic

Farmcrowdy is an online farming company which makes it possible for farmers and investors to connect and make money in the Nigeria. Farmcrowdy is able to do this by providing a platform for farmers to get the needed funds and training so that they can expand their farms and improve their yield and income.
After the farming season when a farmer has successfully harvested, farmcrowdy will also help farmers to market farm produce and source for buyers.Upon sale, farmcrowdy will then
return 100% of investors fund back and the profits from sale will be shared between the investor, farm and the farmcrowdy.
This is believed to be a win-win situation for all the parties involved and the Nation at large because, the initiative is helping the country reduce importation of agricultural product and also contribute to solving the food security problems.
So with Farmcrowdy, you as an investor doesn't need to go and do the farming yourself, may be you have being considering investing in agriculture but you have no time to do the farming yourself, this is a very good opportunity. 
All you need do is invest and the farmers that needed the money with get funds to  buy  seedlings, fertilizers,pesticides etc and also training to improve yield and at the end of the farming season, you get your invested amount back with your share of the profit.

Who is Farmcrowdy Founder.The Online farming is a product of good thinking and is really solving the problems of farmers and investors alike. One will want to ask who is the genius that founded this thing! The Founder of Farmcrowdy is no other person than Mr Onyeka Akumah. Presently, Farmcrowdy is already in 8 states of the federation and 4,000 hectares of land farmed and close 4,000 farmers have benefited
from the scheme.

How does FarmCrowdy Works?
Farmcrowdy works based on the principle of investors providing fund to the farmers that needed it and getting their money plus profit back after the farming season. So to join the program, all you have to do is visit the farmcrowdy website and signup. Then you can choose the farm of your choice and invest.
Farmcrowdy has a mobile app which is available on Android and ios devices. So you can download farmcrowdy app and monitor the growth of your invested fund. You will also get updates either monthly or weekly on the performance of the farm depending on the length of the Farming season.

Is Farmcrowdy Real?
The farmcrowdy is real and follows standard farm management practices whilst employing the most modern farming techniques, improved seedlings and modern farm equipment to ensure farmers enjoy best farm yields. In the case of unexpected circumstances, your invested sum will be returned because the farmcrowdy has insurance covers for most of the farms.

So if you want to make money through online farming and have some spare fund, you can consider investing in farmcrowdy.

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