domainking webhosting: 5 reason why you must use domainking

Out of all the web hosting companies in Nigeria, domainking webhosting is my favourite. Ever since I tried them when they allowed Nigerians to register a domain name for as low as N500, I’ve never thought of moving elsewhere.
In fact, I’ve transferred many domain names I registered elsewhere to It is also the domain name registrar I recommend to Nigerian bloggers that always ask me for where they can buy domain name they can use as custom domain for their Blogger blogs.

Wondering why I like DomainKing.NG? Well, below are my reasons :
1. Cheapest Site To Buy Domain Names and Host Websites in Nigeria
As far as I am concerned, DomainKing.NG is where you can get the cheapest rates for domain names and web hosting plans in Nigeria. Whether you want to buy a domain name or host your website, no web hosting company in Nigeria offers cheaper price than DomainKing.NG as at the time of publishing this post.

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2. Simple Client Area and Free Management Tools
DomainKing.NG client area is very easy to navigate and understand. Once you are signed in, you can easily see where to click to register domain name, view the list and due dates of domain names you have registered, see open support tickets and many more.
Each Domain name registered at domainKing.Ng is linked to free management tools that allow you to configure your domain name anyhow you like. Hence, you can easily change nameservers, add A and CName records all by yourself.
You can as well easily get your EPP code from your dashboard without the need of contacting the support team if you want to transfer your domain name.
Registrar lock is supported too i.e you can easily prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name.
If you want to use your domain name for a Blogspot blog, there is also a “DKNG Quick Blogger Installer” you can use. Besides that, there is a Free Email panel that lets you set up free custom email addresses for domain names you register at domainKing. This means you can get something like for FREE at domainKing without paying for any web hosting plan.
All these great tools make it easy for me to make money setting up custom domain for Blogspot users.

Buy domainking webhosting now at affordable price

3. Fantastic Customer Support
DomainKing.Ng support team is super awesome. Ever since I started using their services, I’ve never seen the need to call them on phone unlike some web hosting companies I have to call everytime I pay for domain name.
In fact, for two years I’ve been with them now, I don’t even know their phone number nor know their office. I communicate with them via their support system and they reply and sort things out without delay.
If there is anything I can’t do from my end, they do it for me free of charge. Whenever I want to move a domain name from my domainking account to a client’s domainking account, the support team get it done for me as soon as possible for free.
If you register a domain name at DomainKing.Ng to use as custom domain for your Blogger blog, the support team will even set it up for you. This is one thing most web hosting companies out there will tell you to figure out by yourself.
4. Ease of Payment; Pay In Naira
It’s very easy to make payment at DomainKing.Ng for domain name registration and web hosting services. There are several payment options you can choose from. You can pay online with your Nigerian ATM cards if you don’t have time to go to the bank for direct deposit. At DomainKing.NG, you pay in Naira for web hosting and domain name registration. Hence, no need worrying about dollar to Naira exchange rates or CBN policies.

Domainking webhosting
I really like domainKing.Ng because of the integration of VoguePay payment gateway which is currently my favorite payment gateway in Nigeria. I use VoguePay to receive online payments on my sites and use the fund in my VoguePay wallet to pay at DomainKing.NG and when I pay this way, whatever I pay for is activated instantly. No need contacting them at all that I have paid. Cool…huh?
5. You Can Make Money at DomainKing.NG
If you check the websites of most web hosting companies in Nigeria, you will discover that they don’t offer Affiliate programs but at domainKing.Ng, you can make money as an affiliate when you refer your loved ones to the site.
You will earn money when anyone you refer to DomainKing pays for a web hosting plan. You get paid for every sale generated through your affiliate link which will be generated for you once you join the DomainKing Affiliate program.

Just imagine if you refer 100 friends, you will earn N100,000 i.e N1,000 payout per friend that signs up for wen hosting plan through your unique link.

how to purchase a webhosting from domainking

Now you have known everything about domainking webhosting, the next step you are entitled to take now is to head to their website and purchase their cheap domain or webhosting. Follow the link below and get started immediately

Register here now

I will stop here, now go.on and drop your review about this awesome domainking webhosting

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