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Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria and in this blog post, i will like to write about the 6 best affiliate program in Nigerian that are still paying in 2018.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing in which a program or business rewards affiliates with certain amount of commission like 1%, 5%, 50% or even 100% for every sale of the company's product or services generated or referred through the affiliate's unique referral link or url.

Even though there are many affiliate programs in Nigeria, knowing and participating in the best affiliate programs can be quite rewarding over time. below is a list of  5 best affiliate programs in Nigeria that are still paying in 2017.

1. Jumia Affiliate Marketing. 
Jumia is one of the largest e-commerce websites in Nigeria with millions of products on display available for sale and new products being added daily. The Jumia Affiliate marketing is free to join and earn.

How does Jumia affiliate Marketing works? 

New affiliates fills the affiliate signup form and wait for it to be reviewed and approved.  Once approved, affiliates can then go ahead to browse the available products and choose the ones they will like to promote in the various categories like fashion, computers, mobile phone, kids, parenting, books, health etc. Then Affiliates generate the tracking url to the product and start promoting. Once a sale is generated through the unique affiliate url, such affiliate will earn a commission of a certain percentage of the price of item sold. Jumia Affiliate Program is still paying in 2017.

2. konga Affliate Program is also one of the easiest way to make money online with affiliate marketing. Konga is an e-commerce website too and also a big player in the industry in Nigeria. With the konga affiliate program, you can earn great commissions by promoting other people's products that are listed on the Konga market place. Like the Jumia Affiliate marketing, the Konga affiliate program only pays commission for approved sales. Affiliates will be updated from the time a sale is generated through their unique Url till the time the sale is confirmed and commissions are paid to the internal wallet. Affiliates can then request for payout once they have reached the threshold of payment at the end of the other month. Konga Affiliate Program is still paying in 2017

3. Web4Africa Affiliate Program.
Apart from e-commerce, there are other easy ways to make money online with affiliate marketing and one of such ways is through being affiliate to website hosting companies.
Web4Africa has one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria and it's a leading provider of  web solutions (including web hosting, domain registration etc) in Africa. In the Web4Africa Affiliate Program, affiliates will earn a 10% commission  on any confirmed sales generated through the affiliate's unique referral link.
Web4Africa accepts Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payza, and more for Domain Registration, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers.
It's free to join the Web4Africa Affiliate program and commissions are paid after 90 days of a specific earning in order to reduce fraud or deal with refunds in the affiliate program.
Web4Africa Affiliate program is still paying in 2017.

4. Wakanow Affiliate Program. This is an excellent affiliate program for the Holidays and Travel industry. And it allows affiliates to earn commissions inform of discounts on travel products like Airlines ticketing, Hotel bookings and Holiday packages. Apart from the huge commission affiliates can earn in the wakanow affiliate program, affiliates have liberty to set the prices of the different packages based on their negotiation with clients and can earn more. 
Wakanow Affiliate program is still paying in 2017

5. Coolnaira Affiliate Program
Coolnaira is an affiliate program for Nigerians,  where affiliates can participate with a minimum of N1,000 and earn huge commissions in the long run. The Coolnaira affiliate program has 5 different packages and affiliates earn 50% commission on all direct referred sales. Because the coolnaira Affiliate program is a multi - tier affiliate program, affiliates will still earn 5% commission from sales generated from affiliates they had earlier referred to the program and this goes on upto 10 levels deep. Apart from affiliate commissions, coolnaira affiliate program also offer instant signup bonus of  N1,000 and other free digital downloadable products. The Admin of the coolnaira is paul samson and he has being paying affiliates for more than 2 years now even when MMM paused their payments, Coolnaira continued to pay. Coolnaira Affiliate program is still paying in 2018.

6. nnu income

nnu income  is one of the legitimate way of making money online, especially here in Nigeria.

Many people are search on Google for the legitimate way of making money online with their laptop or phone.

Today i have arrived with a solution to your problem. You don't have to be a blogger or online marketer before you can start earning money online.
Count your self lucky because today am going to show you the exact way to make money by doing what you love most.

nnu income is legit and i have been using it for some years now.

Hey wait, what is nnu income?

I know you will be asking your self what is this nnu income. 
nnu is mean "Nigeria news update" .

Is a blog that allow Nigeria youths to get paid by doing a little work for them. 

According to my research, other countries is now joining this awesome nnu.

So don't be left behind, join the moving train now.

Is this trusted

Extremely yes.. Nnu platform is trusted. 

They have up to 100,000 people who is promoting them and am proudly one of them.

A lot of my friends on Facebook has joined this moving train so don't be left out. Because you can a lot of money you from it.

Don't get discouraged because of the little token they charge for registration.

I assure you that you can make that within a week.

who can participate in nnu incomeincome

Nobody is Left out in this awesome offer, be you a student, business man, online marketer/blogger etc.

All you have to do is to register and start earning immediately.

1.student- if you are a student, you have a great opportunity of earning big in this nnu platform.

You can convince your fellow students and register them through your link.

The more you register the more you earn big.

Note- you can still earn big without referral.

2.blogger-  if you are a blogger or an online marketer, your chances of earning big is uncountable.

You can promote nnu income on your blog, fan page, online and offline.
And bet me, you can earn up to 50, monthly.

how to register from another country

You don't have to panic, this awesome nnu platform is accepting other countries.

You can follow the same process and register within few minutes.

How to make money from nnu income

Now enough of this too much explanations.
Let me show you how it works.

1. You earn 50 naira for daily login (you will earn 50 naira each day you log in to your dashboard) isn't that amazing? Of course it is.

2. You will also earn 100 naira for sharing sponsored post on Facebook (you will earn 50 naira by just sharing sponsored post on Facebook) 

3. 2 naira for commenting on a post ( you can comment as you want)

Is not over yet..

4. You will earn 1,000 if someone register through your link.

Now let's do a little calculation...


You will earn 10,000 if you bring 10 people to nnu. And as well earn 100 on a daily bases.

One thing that made me fall in love with this nnu income is that you don't have to refer before you earn.

But referring someone will skyrocket your earnings. You can convince your friends and register them through your link.

Isn't that amazing? This is extremely good and is the easiest way of making money online.

How to payout

Of course you are not working for free..

The money you earned from nnu income will be sent to your bank account immediately you clocked the threshold.

The threshold is 5,000 and they issue payment every 21 of the month.

You can earn up to 30, 000 within a month.

Requirements for nnu income registration

There is no much requirements before you can become a member.. Here is what is required from you.

1. A valid Facebook account

2. Working bank account (where your money will be sent)

3. Valid Gmail account (you can create it within two minutes)

4. Your state

5. Your LGA

how to register to nnu income

Now you have understood how nnu income works.. The next step you will take is to register with them and  start making money immediately.

I.know you can't wait any longer to take a step which is to register and start making money.

But nnu  charges 1600 naira before you can become a member.

But that should not draw you back because you can archive more than that within a week.

You can pay with your card or with usssd code.

But i suggest voguepay(that's paying with your card) because they approve it immediately.

But if you pay with ussd code or bank transfer. It normally take up to 24hrs before they approve it.
Follow the steps below and register

1. Go to 

2. You will see a write up about this nnu income. Just inore it and click on registration button

3. A form will come out.. Then fill out the form(please fill the form with correct information)

4. Chose a form of payment (use voguy pay if you have ATM card)

Then click continue..

 A new window will come out where you will fill in your ATM details.

After that click on the pay button..

Wait a minute, they will send you a message to your gmail.

If you love this post, kindly comment and share.

and you are free to invite your friends to nnu income

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