nnu income registration guide

nnu income registration is going to be the area i will tutor today.

nnu income is now one of the noted trusted and reliable online business in Nigeria, even people from other countries e.g US, UK, are now joining this great platform that pays you for doing a little job for them.

This platform has been in existence for many years and it has  not been reported scam by anyone.

Am one of the proud member of this nnu income, and you know i can never direct my visitors to something that will scam their hard earned money.

so today I want to guide you on nnu registration so that you won't make any mistake.

But wait, what are the requirements for nnu registration?

I know you will be asking your self this question. Well their is no much things required before you can be a member of nnu income. 
All you are expected to have are;

1. Facebook account: you will use your Facebook account and be doing the job for them.

2. Bank account: you will use your bank account and be receiving your money 

3. N1600: as a new member if nnu income, you are expected to make a onetime registration with the sum of 1600 approximately $4

How are you sure that nnu income is not a scam?

Well you are not wrong to ask your self this question, am one of the people that thought that nnu income is a scam until i joined and cash out .

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BUY DOMAIN FROM NAMECHEAP WITH JUST 88 CENT One thing you should learn is to take a risk, because is very hard to make it mostly online without taking a risk.

1600 is too small for you to fear to loose. But am assuring you one thing which is you will make huge money once you become a member.

what am i required to do on nnu income before i earn money

nnu income is increasing the money for post sharing steady.

Here are things you are entitled to do-

1. Share post to Facebook
2. Comment on a post
3. Raise forum topic
4. Refer people

Before nnu  is paying N50 for post sharing and N50 for daily login and N1 for commenting and N1000 for referral.

But now they have increased it which look quite amaze.

Now you can earn up to 4k daily when you become a member.

You will earn N100 per each post you shared on Facebook

N50 for daily login

N2 for each comment you made

N1000 for each person that registered through your link.

N100 for raising forum topic etc

What's the minimum payout?

Paul Samson the CEO of nnu income will pay you  once you have the minimum of 5k on you nnu account.

How will i receive the money?

Receiving the money is never a problem, nnu income will pay you straight to your bank account once you request for payment.

What if i was unable to register my self?

If you can't register your self just meet on Facebook or call me on phone i will register you immediately.
Phone num- 07065160758

nnu income registration guide

Now you have understood how nnu income works.. The next step you will take is to register with them and  start making money immediately.

I.know you can't wait any longer to take a step which is to register and start making money.
But nnu  charges 1600 naira before you can become a member.
But that should not draw you back because you can archive more than that within a week.
You can pay with your card or with usssd code.
But i suggest voguepay(that's paying with your card) because they approve it immediately.
But if you pay with ussd code or bank transfer. It normally take up to 24hrs before they approve it.
Follow the steps below and register
1. Go to www.nnu.ng 

2. You will see a write up about this nnu income. Just inore it and click on registration button
3. A form will come out.. Then fill out the form(please fill the form with correct information)
4. Chose a form of payment (use voguy pay if you have ATM card)
Then click continue..
 A new window will come out where you will fill in your ATM details.
After that click on the pay button..

Wait a minute, they will send you a message to your gmail.

Now you have successfully registered on nnu income.

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