How to migrate to 9mobile you and me

Today I will tutor you on how to migrant to 9mobile you and me here on hubfactory.

9mobile has introduced you and me that allows customers enjoy free credit almost every week to call all their loved ones 9mobile number anytime.

Easy starter customers can as well benefit from two options: N100 and N200 variants.

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What is required for 9mobile you and me

This fantastic offer won't cost you a dime before using it.. All you are entitled to do before enjoying this awesome offer is to register that special 9mobile by dialing*233*9mobile number #, recharge with a minimum of N100 weekly to get the additional N100 free credit or recharge with at least N200 weekly to get additional free credit.

9mobile you and me is a good plan to migrate to and enjoy double of your recharge card.

The customer will get N100 free credit during the week they recharged N100 and if customers recharge up to N200, they will get N300 free credit. The credit can only be used to call the registered 9mobile you and me number. Validity period for the N300 credit 7days.

Customers can enjoy up to N1200 free credit every month by recharging with a minimum of N200 per week.
Customers can remove and replace a special number anytime they choose.

How to migrate to 9mobile you and me

I know you can't wait any longer to  migrate to 9mobile you and me.

Follow this steps below and migrate.

To add  a number, dial *233*1*9mobile number #

How to remove a number from 9mobile you and me

If you want to unsubscribe from this awesome plan, follow the below steps.

Dial *233*2*the 9mobile#

To check if you have successfully migrate to 9mobile you and me

After migrating to this plan, you will like to check if you have successfully migrated.  Follow the below steps to check if you have successfully migrated


How To check your bonus airtime balance

To check your balance, dial *233# and an SMS notification will be sent informing you of the bonus airtime balance remaining.


First registration of 9mobile you and me number is free.  Every subsequent replacement attracts a charge of N50.

Available you and me free seconds cannot be used to accept receiver pays calls from the registered you and me.

We are done, if this article helped you kindly comment and share this post.

Rock on your 9mobile you and me

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