how to buy domain name from domainking (fast and reliable)

Today lesson will be on how to buy domain name from domainking

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG
Domainking is one of the domain registrar that has been existing for many years.  According to my research, Domainking is the best domain registrar in Nigeria.

Don't be too surprise, this blog is hosted with them.

how to buy domain name from Domainking

Domainking is one of the webhosting company in nigeria and their are the best company i can recommend for my client.

They offer good service. You can pay them through card or bank transfer/deposit.

now head to domainking portal through that link below

Put in your url in the search box as shown on the screenshot below and select your TLD ( top level domain) e.g .com, etc and hit the search button

Check your domain availability and select the validation term.

Now you will be redirected to domain availability result page. It will show you the domain yes intend to register is available or not.

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If the domain you choosed is available, then you will see a pop up message like congratulations , is available. Select the term ( this means the number of years ) for which you want to register your domain and click on "click to continue"

4. Select our free addon Services

Select the free Addon Services that you want to use with your Domain. We offers the following free add-on services:
DNS Management to setup A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records (FREE!): they offer free DNS services for every domain for setting up A records, CNAME, etc. This sevice is useful for blogger integration that is if you want to set your custom domain in your blogspot blog.

This article covers everything you need to know on how to buy domain name from domainking

Email Forwarding & 2 Free Email Accounts (FREE!): they offer 2 free customized emails like, with every domain name that you will register with us. You can also forward these emails to your personal email like Gmail, Yahoomail, etc.

ID Protection/Whois Privacy Protection (FREE!): they offer free ID Protection service for hiding your whois details of your domain for protection against spammers & your privacy.
Enter your nameservers: After selecting the free Add-on services you need to enter the Nameservers of your hosting provider to which you want to point your domain. You can also change the nameservers after your domain is registered. After that click on
"Continue to Final Checkout Page" .

Buying domain name in Nigeria is safe and reliable.

Note- I recommende domainking .

Note: By default we have entered the Nameservers of our free DNS service. If you are using hosting service of any other provider then you can change the Nameservers to point to their hosting.

5. Review your Order and Details

Review your order very well  and after that enter all your details under "Your Details" Section. If your are already our existing customer then you can select "Existing Customer" tab.

6. Select your preferred payment method

Select your preferred payment method with which you want to pay and check "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service" . Then click on "Complete Order" button.

I suggest you use online transfer to avoid delay. E.g voguepay.
Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

7. Click Pay Now button

Now an invoice has been created for your order. You can select a different payment method if you want to change it and click on "Pay Now" button.
If you have selected an Online payment method like Voguepay, Cashenvoy or 2Checkout etc. then you will be redirected to their payment gateway page.
There you can make the payment with your preferred debit/credit card.

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Once you pay the invoice your order will be activated automatically if you pay via Online payment method that is via VISA Card, Master Card, Verve Card etc.

But in case of offline payment method i.e Bank deposit or Online Bank Transfer it can take upto 24 hours for them to credit the payments.

Don't forget what i said earlier...

I recommend domainking for anybody who wants to buy domain name in Nigeria. Follow the link below and get started.


If you find any problem on how to buy domain name from domainking kindly drop a comment.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

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