affiliate insurance for everyone: how to succeed in affiliate marketing

Today am giving affiliate insurance here on

Affiliate program is one of the best strategy of making money online or from a blog. Each sale you make, you earn commission.  

But some people get stuck on the process because they did not get a good and proper affiliate insurance.

What is affiliate marketing

So many people has been hearing affiliate marketing here and their but they have come to a point to know what is affiliate marketing.

Well for me, affiliate marketing is a process whereby you sell or promote other peoples product on your blog and as well get paid for each sell you make.

With this little explanation i hope you will be able to know what affiliate marketing is all about.

When ever i release my blog earning report i often use the word affiliate marketing.

Forget about Google displaying ads on your blog.

Affiliate marketing can make you you a millionaire if you follow the guide proper.

But don't worry because am about to give you an affiliate insurance that will help you know the area you are missing in affiliate marketing.

I made almost $1k dollars from this my blog, am not saying this to brag.

Affiliate marketing has help my blogging career.

If you only depends on Google AdSense you will hardly make it big.

Harsh agarawal the owner of has also made  a post that will guide you in affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate insurance

I know you will be asking your self what this affiliate insurance is all about.

Well am here to insure you in affiliate marketing but not financially.

But this guide can teach you how to earn big in affiliate marketing.

Many people have the zeal on engaging in affiliate program but one thing or the other keep bringing them back due to they did not follow the proper steps.
Affiliate program is very good but is very hard to succeed in it or make sales.

So today am going to teach you some of the strategies you can use and conquer your failure.

This affiliate insurance that am about to give you have help a lot of people on social media. So I decided to share it here on my blog so that every body we benefit from it.

Things to consider before going into affiliate marketing

They are a lot of things to consider before going into affiliate marketing which some people don't care to know.

And if you ignore any of them, it will draw you back.

Some of the things to consider are:

1. Your blog ninch

2. Your content

3. Your country

4.  Ability to promote 

5. Form of payment

6. Blog traffic

7. Social media pafe

You must put this five things into consideration before going into affiliate marketing. Especially that number four which is "ability to promote".

Now let look into all of them one by one.

Affiliate insurance

1. Your blog ninch: 

Yes you have to look into your blog ninch before heading to affiliate marketing.  Your blog ninch will determine the type of affiliate program to join and make cool cash.

If you are running an entertainment blog and choose webhosting affiliate program like namecheap affiliate. You will definitely fail because is not the right products to promote on your blog.

The best affiliate program that suite your blog

1. Entertainment blog-   

konga or jumia affiliate program will suite your blog because they will display ads that suite your blog and you will make some sales.

2. Tech blog- 

If you are running a tech blog like this Hubfactory I suggest you go into webhosting affiliate program like Namecheap affiliate program

Also read- Namecheap affiliate review

 They will start displaying their banner on your blog and you will earn commission for each sale.

3. Gambling website-

If you are running a gambling site like bet9ja or nairabet. You have to make the right decision by  choosing the best affiliate program that suite your website. If you are running a gambling site i suggest you go into Casino affiliate program

Also read- Casino affiliate review

Now we are done with the first round. Now let move to number two which is  "your content".

2. Your content

If you really want to succeed via blogging, you must learn how to write quality content. Because blog with no quality content will not do well in affiliate marketing.

Remember- our topic is affiliate insurance, so am trying my best to make this post understandable for everyone. So bring out the best in you and digest this post as well.

3.your country-

If you really want to engage in affiliate marketing, you must first of all consider your country.

Promoting product in your country will also help you make sales. So when choosing an affiliate program make sure you chose the one in your country.

4. Ability to promote-

This is the key to affiliate marketing, many people has failed in affiliate marketing due to they don't have the ability to promote products on their blog.

When choosing an affiliate program, make sure you chosed the one you can promote.

5. Payment method-

Another thing to consider by going into affiliate marketing is your payment method.

You should chose a good and easy method of receiving you commissione.

If you fail to make this decision now you will get stuck when you reach the threshold.

Some payment method are-

1. PayPal

2. PayonierPayonier

6. Blog traffic

Yes blog traffic can also determine whether you will succeed in affiliate marketing or not.

If your blog is not getting up to 5000 daily traffic from search engine. I don't think you can do well in affiliate marketing.

One of the best and easy way to get search engine traffic is by doing keyword research and writing a quality content as well.

7. Social media page-

I know it may sound funny but this is another way to promote your affiliate banners and make some sales and as well get huge traffic.

I created a Facebook page which I used to tell my blog fans about a new post or product, and it has been helping me make some sales .

I believed with this little affiliate insurance you will be able to know where you are slacking.


The best advice  I can give you is to go into affiliate program that suite your blog and the one you can promote.

You might get stuck in the beginning but don't give up. One day you will see a new thing.

Affiliate insurance was powered by Okejiri Emmanuel.

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