Is jamb upgrade real or not? (Check it here)

jamb upgrade is not real my dear friend, if you see any person claiming to be a jamb staff or saying he can upgrade your score for you, just count the person as a scammer.

Hungry people in this our country "Nigeria" is too much and is increasing daily, so apply wisdom because some of them are looking for a way to dupe people mostly online.

You, how could you believe that jamb upgrade is real? Or is it because you are hearing it on social media, or your friend said  he did it? .

Bro just use your sense that God gave you for free. Common sense is good.

Jamb have not release my result

are you afraid maybe if jamb have seized your result? Don't worry dude, your result is fine, just that It has not been published online.

And note, their are publishing it by accreditation.

It does not matter if you wrote last month and some who wrote yesterday has seen his own.

Just keep on checking, but by God grace it will be all released this week.

If you have any question or you wish to say anything about this blog, just say something on the comment section.

hubfactory is not a school blog, I wrote this article to save people from being scammed. You can do as well by sharing this post on Facebook or WhatsApp.

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