how to prevent your blog from Google sandbox

Google sandbox is now the problem some bloggers are facing nowadays, sandboxing is very bad because once Google sandbox your blog you will never get organic traffic again.

I will explain everything for your understanding,

what is Google sandbox

Sandbox is penalty given by Google for violating their rules and regulations. Once Google sandbox your blog/website, your blog post will never show up on Google search engine again.

causes of Google sandbox

Their are many harmful practice we do as a blogger which we don't know that it will harm our blog in the future, such as

1, paid traffic: buying traffic from internet is extremely bad, Google hate it and is against their terms and conditions.

2, too much off pinging: another problem which may lead Google to sandbox your blog is too much of pinging,  are you submitting your articles to Google after publishing it? If the answer is yes, then don't submit more than three (3) a day.

how to avoid Google sandbox

Avoiding Google from sandboxing your blog/website is very easy, if only you can adhere the instructions below.

1, avoid too much pinging

1, avoid too much blog commenting

3, stop buying or exchanging traffic online

4, write quality content- Quality content will also make Google crawl and index your post fast

5, avoid copy and paste

I assured you that Google won't sandbox your blog if you can adhere this  simple instruction.

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