Okejiri family: see the biography of this great family

okejiri is a native name and this name belong to one greate family in Nigeria. However, the people that owns this name is very rich and popular in Nigeria mostly in abia state.

Okejiri is a surname and the maim person that's bears the name is dead.

Some of the people that answers the name are-
Okejiri Emmanuel- Okejiri Emmanuel is a legitimate blogger who's aim and reputation is to help newbies online and offline. His nickname is OTITIFE
Okejiri Emmanuel is also a musician

Okejiri Jude- Okejiri Jude is a well know politician who ones won the house of assembly in abia state. He based in Abuja with his family. Names of his wife is Okejiri Tochi, and  names of his children is Emma and Ada

Okejiri kelechi- Okejiri kelechi is a good and professional footballer. His nick name is sharpattacker jnr.

Okejiri Ephraim- Dr. Ephraim c. Okejiri is the Director Technology Transfer Agreements (TTA)of National office for technology acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)

Okejiri Franklin- Okejiri Franklin is a student at price academy secondary school uturu and also a good footballer

And so on. 

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