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Whatsapp is known as one of biggest social app in the world with over 10 billion global users thereby being ranked high and compared to facebook and other popular social apps. Whatsapp is used to send and receive messages through its app, but whatsapp tries to make its app more exciting and fun thereby adding new great features, Some of its great features is the ability to make phone calls with data bundle, ability to create a group or join a created group and the most exciting feature is being able to chat live through video call with any global user thereby making whatsapp more fun for its users. Fortunately, there are lots Whatsapp tricks you need to know that will make the app more useful and exciting, We've sourced the inch of whatsapp to gather its great features, Read this tips and become an expert in no time.

1. Create Custom Notifications

This great feature can be used to detect the user that just sent you a message cause its used to assign a different notification sound to a particular user.
Go to the user you want to assign the the custom notification and click at the user profile.
whatsapp tricks
Then click the custom notiification and then select the notification you want to assign to the user.

2. Star feature

You can use this feature whenever you want to read a message later.
Click and hold the message you want to star, then you'll see a list of menu at the top bar, then click the start icon to star the message...
whatsapp tricks

3. Change your number
Did you changed your number? and you worried about losing your old whatsapp account maybe due to your friends and groups. This feature is for you cos you can change your number without losing a single chat and group.
Firstly go to your Settings, Click on Chats and then backup your messages. After the backup, Go to Your Account.

 Then Click on Change number

 Then Click On Next
Then complete the two fields, your old number that you want to change in the first field, and the new number you just switched to. Then wait for some minutes to receive a confirmation message.

4. Turn off read receipts
Disable this feature whenever you want your chat activities to be secret. This feature will turn off your last seen and also your contacts won't be able to know when you read their messages.
Go to Settings, Click on Account and then click on Privacy.
 Then untick the Read Receipts to turn off
NB: This feature only work when it comes to your contact messages, it doesn't work for whatsapp group messages.
5. Font Formatting
You can format your font when sending message to a user by either making it bold, italic or stroke.
Bold text: Add an asterisks (*) at the front and at the end of the message, like this, *hello*.
 Stroke text: To add a stroked text, just add a tilde (~) at the front and at the end of the message, like this,
 Italicized text: Add an underscore ( _ ) at the front and at the end of the message, like this, _hello_.
There are also lots of whatsapp tricks we would have love to share with you but they are not as important as the ones we just shared Please don't forget to use the comment section whenever you are having problems..
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